About Füri

Engineered for design, innovation & performance.

Chosen by leading chefs.  We are Füri.

Innovation is our story. It's built into our DNA and at the core of everything we do.

We have a rebellious instinct to discard old ways and to think differently. We know how to help solve everyday modern problems. The real ones that home cooks and professionals face in their kitchens 24/7.

Füri. Established in 1996, designed by leading Australian engineers & international chefs.




20 years ago, Füri was first launched, paving the way forward in innovative and revolutionary knife design. For the past 20 years, Füri knives have been chosen by leading chefs both in Australia and internationally.


Mark is an acclaimed international entrepreneur and inventor, having first established Füri in 1996. Today, Mark is our brand ambassador & consultant for design.

A specialist engineer holding Honours in knife materials and cutting edges, Mark brings world-class technical knowledge regarding knife mechanics, suited to the development of knives that meet the toughest of standards – those of the professional chef.


Füri knives are made to be different. Füri thought of hands first.
After all, if a knife feels right in your hand, it's right for your hand.
Manufacturing with precision & quality are at the forefront of Füri.

We start with the revolutionary wedge-shaped handle. Perfect weight, seamless finish & perfectly polished. This involves heat, precision & years of training.

The blade. Using only high grade Japanese stainless steel, we ground into shape and polish for a super smooth surface.

An artisan approach to the perfect bevelled edge by sharpening & honing means the blade is ready for 'straight out of the box' sharpness.

Dedication, quality & passion make a knife designed to last.